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I bet you are probably looking for a Calgary SEO firm? We are a Team of SEO Experts from Spider Seal Digital Agency. A Local SEO Agency with Real Results. We will be thrilled to help you rank high on search engines, grow your business and increase your ROI with SEO.

As a business owner or average internet user, when looking for a Calgary SEO, you landed on this page thanks to the power of search engine optimization (SEO) and/or paid advertisement (in this case Google Adwords).

Calgary is the largest City in Alberta and offer a lot of search volumes for various local businesses.

We believe this is the best Calgary SEO Agency you will find. We are not just another search engine optimization firm; we are a powerful search engine marketing agency.

As a Calgary SEO Firm, we are committed to helping you with the same blueprint we have used to assist hundreds of businesses grow and increase their revenue in the process.

Fill out our discovery application form to get a free 45 to 60 minutes consultation. During this phone call, we will be able to map out your future revenue and secure your website ranking online for years to come.

Although we don’t guarantee #1 position on page one of Google, we will guarantee a page-one result on Google, or your money back. What do you have to lose? Call us today on 403-540-4855 and find out how we can help your business grow. We look forward to hearing from you very soon.

Why Use a Calgary SEO Consultant?

By definition a Consultant SEO Expert is a web professional whose primary competence is to improve the visibility as well as the traffic of your website. Through his (or her) experience and skills in web marketing, he improves the positioning of your website in the search engine results. This will make you visible to Internet users when they search on Google for your products or services.

If we talk to you about Google, it is because it is the most used search engine in the world. According to the company Netmarketshare, Google search engine holds more than 77% of searches on the internet far ahead of Bing, Yahoo, as of May 2017.

As you can see positioning your website on the first page of this beast requires one to fully master the rules of Google SEO.

As an SEO Firm, we are animated by a permanent curiosity for new technologies. As such at Spider Seal we demonstrate a real ability to adapt, watch and question permanently for the sole purpose of improving the position of our web properties.

We have adopted a thoughtful natural referencing strategy built over time.

Choosing the Right SEO Expert in Calgary

The SEO Consultant can also be called in turn: SEO Specialist, SEO Expert, Organic SEO Officer, Natural SEO Expert, Organic SEO Expert, Positioning Consultant, Google Expert and so forth.

Here are some tips to help you choose the right agency for your SEO needs in Calgary. Natural SEO requires that the consultant adopt a thoughtful and analytical approach to the problems of your profession, there is no SEO expert if that person is not interested in what you are doing.

Indeed, a good agency is a one that will identify from your information, behaviours and expectations of your potential customers when they search on Google for your products or services.

Your can check out the wide range of our services on this page.

Hereunder 4 tips we recommend to help you pick an SEO consultant to work with.

1. Your SEO objectives

This is an essential step to determine the SEO goals. The primary objective may not be to immediately improve positioning, which may take several weeks or months. Indeed, it may be an objective such as: improving the quality of your traffic, highlighting a new activity or developing an additional service, direct increase in sales, etc.

Be clear and specific on what you would like to achieve with your SEO effort.

2.Audit of the current SEO

Conducting an audit of the current referencing of the website makes it possible to measure its performance (positioning, popularity).

Several factors are to be analyzed, including:

  • Construction and structure of site pages,
  • Semantic choice,
  • Meshing of internal links,
  • Construction of meta tags (title, description, H1, H2, H3 ..)
  • Structure of URLs,
  • Ergonomics of the site,
  • Page load speed,
  • Competition analysis,
  • Presence of incoming links,
  • Presence of a “social media” strategy

3. Creating an SEO strategy

In direct relation with the audit, the definition of the SEO strategy makes it possible to determine the recommendations and technical changes to be made on the site (sometimes the site is such that it is better to opt for a global redesign of the site which may be way cheaper).

A ranking strategy includes a schedule of actions to be implemented as well as the selection of professionals involved in the project (web developer or coder, content writer, graphic designer if necessary)

4.Action, follow-up of SEO actions

As Calgary SEO Expert firm, we can simply carry out an audit and provide you with advice or complement your customized content that will be fully optimized for the web.

As part of a complete project, it is better to entrust us with your content writing (by providing your basic texts of course). However as consultants, we will take care of the rewriting and / or the writing of your tags to optimize them for a better ranking of your pages in Google.

Finally like any good SEO Agency, we use some Analytics reporting tool that will track and check in time the positioning and analysis of your traffic.

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