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If you are looking for an Edmonton SEO consultant then you have come to the right place. Search Engine Optimization is an industry that constantly demands more and more targeted skills. The SEO consultant is one of the key players in a visibility strategy on the internet.

But what does an Edmonton SEO consultant do?

There was a time when building bulk links was enough, it was a bit the “30 glorious” for SEOs. The rules were simple, the volume of “backlinks” was enough to get a site up in Yahoo results, MSN, or of course Google (and yes in the early 2000s we were still looking for alternative engines!).

Then Google gradually became the leader of the “search market” on the internet and decided that this quest for the volume of links could no longer last, as it was a bit of a rat race …

The rules of the game so hardened, but especially the technical criteria on a website were becoming more and more important in the equation …

As Edmonton SEO consultants we have therefore discovered the new rules ourselves, and many still retain “many small discoveries that make a difference”, of which few SEO have the secret …

If you want to get a glimpse of what SEO is, and what it can bring you, go to this previous article we wrote on the subject.

As SEO Experts we generally work by first establishing a site audit in order to uncover the maximum number of blocking factors and to present a holistic strategy to optimize your website.

Next, we can implement the recommendations or have your internal team charge of this task.

This sometimes requires a technical background according to the technology used, but also an acute analytical capacity, even going as far as to dissect the server logs in the most complex cases.

Beyond the technical recommendations pure and hard, we as Edmonton SEO consultants can also intervene as trainers for your internal teams, who will then conduct themselves SEO corrective actions.

Edmonton SEO Agency – Optimization First!

An SEO agency like Spider Seal is a company specializing in the technical optimization of your website in order to get the maximum gains of positions on a defined search engine. So Google in 99% of the cases.

The SEO optimization of a website now goes far beyond simple meta tags. The SEO specialist in charge of optimizing your website can act on many levers.

Removal of technical errors is often one of the most powerful levers. It can be duplicate content, or errors in settings that have caused a site to have important “noindex” pages (more frequent error than ‘One does not believe).

These technical errors can interfere with the rankings deserved by your website therefore you fix most of them if not all.

As previously mentioned SEO agencies like Edmonton SEO of course usually perform an SEO audit of your website before any work. Then they will also advise you in the way of arranging your content, uploading textual content that can sometimes help to gain valuable places.

You really need to pay attention to many small details, because without exaggerating, a word well or badly placed in a sentence can influence the positioning of a page on Google in a spectacular way.

You will also have to be ready to perform some tests as website optimization is not exact science. Moreover, it is the accumulations of small details that will allow you to gain valuable positions. One must not neglect any!

Web editing also plays a very important role in search engine optimization, as well-written text for the web sometimes gets very good results, provided that it is perfectly formatted so that the Search engine robots can easily understand it.

Of course optimization alone is not the magic solution that will make you arrive first on Google, but without a good optimization it is rarely possible to covet the head of the rankings.

SEO takes time and costs money.

Even if there are SEO tools able to find many problems inherent in a website, you should be patient because it is often not possible to optimize a site in a single pass.

You sometimes have to allow enough time for Google to digest changes, especially on very large sites of several thousand pages.

And in order to complement a successful optimization it is often necessary to call on an SEO Agency such as Edmonton SEO firm. An agency or a consultant will also be able to advise you or set up strategies for acquiring non-organic traffic by paid advertising through the use of sponsored links.

In summary, what is an SEO agency?

  • An agency that focuses on technical optimization (improvement of loading speed, duplicate content, technical errors etc.)
  • An agency that optimizes and directs editorial content
  • An agency that optimizes the internal linking

It is quite possible to DIY SEO but the task is time consuming, it is long and stressful.
If you want to have a little insight into what is waiting for you, we offer you a free site audit. All you need to do is fill out the discovery page.

Choosing the SEO agency (or SEO) who will take care of your natural SEO strategy and optimization of your website and who hope it will make it on the front page of google is a matter of feel, recommendation but Also sometimes geography.

For very small businesses with local SEO needs to improve the visibility of a showcase site for example, it is often preferable to choose a consultant or a very small agency that will be more suited to the size of their structure. Edmonton SEO experts can help you grow your business and increase your revenues.


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