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How To Choose Your Search Engine Optimization Agency?

SEO agencies promise you to increase the pagerank of your site and gain visibility.

But how to choose this essential partner that is an SEO Agency?

Here are 5 questions you can ask yourself before hiring a search engine optimization agency such as Chestermere SEO.

Why do you need a Digital agency?

An SEO agency like Chestermere SEO uses techniques to increase the rank of your site so that it appears in pole position when searching for your product or services.

These natural ranking techniques can be done by yourself but they require constant maintenance so that your position in the search engine results does not decrease.

That is why an SEO firm like Chestermere SEO Experts strives to maintain your rank on a regular basis and releases you from the constraint of a daily follow-up.

What are their references?

An SEO company must have a no-fault route to claim your trust.

Checking the background of an SEO firm is simple since you only see its current projects and the results of the past ones.

In general, they will be displayed as examples on the website of the SEO agency as shown here on our Chestermere SEO Digital Agency.

But do not forget! To know an agency you must check its reputation…

Look at social networks and forums to get multiple opinions about your future SEO agency.

Warning! Do not base your final impression on the first negative comment you find. It may be a fake sent by another competing agency.

At Chestermere SEO agency, we pride ourselves with a solid clientele portfolio ready to provide you with any references you may need for peace of mind.

Are its practices effective for natural rankings?

Also consider checking out the practices of your agency!

For several reasons it is important that your agency has effective SEO techniques. First for an optimal return on investment and second to remain in the legality of things.

The agency will have to apply a linking strategy that you will be able to know.

Tips: do not hesitate to ask questions about their policy for ranking a site in order to avoid future bad surprises.

Does the agency use White Hat methods?

An SEO agency that uses natural SEO will use White Hat techniques.

White Hat SEO is a set of techniques allowing a legal natural referencing, accepted by google.

As opposed to SEO Black Hat, which is not allowed and will get your site penalized. Black Hat SEO techniques are not recognized by Google who constantly update their algorithm to get identify sites using such methods.

A malicious SEO agency could use these illegal SEO techniques without warning you and forced an organic rather than natural ranking.

This is why it is important to ask the right questions about the SEO policy of the agency before committing! You will discover all our policies at Chestermere SEO once you decide to entrust us with your search engine optimizations project.

Should you prioritize the cost to quality of the services of your SEO agency?

First of all, you have to ask yourself if you want to give priority to quantity or quality for your SEO.

An digitial agency can use two types of strategies: either an effective long-term natural ranking campaign, or a shorter one but riskier which may penalized your website.

Ask yourself if you want to prioritize the cost to the quality of your SEO before picking and agency. We at Chestermere SEO recommend the long term ranking project.

Our natural ranking services at Chestermere SEO Digital Agency

Our work is divided into 4 main tasks that structure the delivery of natural ranking:

Site audit: A ranking project starts systematically by producing a detailed audit of your site.It analyzes all the levers of the SEO as well as the direct environment of the site (sector of activity and competition).

Strategy development: From the conclusions of the audit, your SEO project manager, in collaboration with you, defines the SEO strategy to be implemented: presentation of recommendations, choice of keywords to optimize, etc.

Implementation of recommendations: Your project leader starts the work of optimization of the site.It is a task that takes time and patience because the results of SEO can sometimes take several months to come to fruition. You are also involved in specific actions such as the generation of new content, where applicable.

Monitoring and reporting: Throughout the service, we inform you of the results obtained.For this, we use various tools with which we monitor the evolution of the positions of your site. This allows us to direct our work by keeping you regularly informed.

The optimizations

We also focus our actions on 3 specific points of your website. These levers are analyzed, corrected and optimized to improve the natural referencing of your site.

The technique: This part includes the structure, the architecture and the performance of the site, they form the foundations of each website.Natural referencing takes into account factors such as the speed of loading a page, the mobile adaptation of the site (a responsive site is indispensable), the internal links of the site, the presence of blocking factors, etc.

The content: It represents the heart of a site because a site without content is not interesting for the Internet user and indeed it is not for Google.The creation of content (in collaboration with you) is now indispensable in an SEO strategy. It must be consistent with the subject of the site and the keywords that one seeks to optimize. Semantic markup (content structure) is also paramount.

Popularity: Popularity refers to the link profile of a site, that is, the number of links pointing to the site that you are trying to optimize.A search engine rightly concluded that a site that is mentioned a lot on other sites is relevant. This is the most powerful lever of SEO, but getting strong, high-quality links, the ones that will make the difference, is a much more complicated and complex task as search engines become more efficient.

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