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At Spider Seal we deal with SEO or Search Engine Optimization which is the process of getting a website to rank highly on Google (or other search engines) when someone searches for a related term.

If you wish to grow your company then you will probably rely on search engines such as Google to drive a big number of leads to your site.

Indeed, a high ranking on the search results can drive remarkable growth for your business.

You can rely on chance for those rankings and pray that things work out. Or you can work with an SEO company to help you increase your customer base and revenue.

Spider Seal Digital Agency is such an SEO firm that can help you achieve high organic rankings.

Understand that picking the right agency to work with in order to increase your visibility on the organic search results is critical. It can be a deciding factor between your success and failure at generating new leads or customers.

We bet you are still reading these lines because you probably got a problem: you need to hire an SEO firm to provide some digital marketing services to your business.

With so many digital agencies out there offering search engine optimization services, how to do you pick the right one for the job?

All of them promise to get you onto Google’s first page for organic search results. The reality is some can deliver on their commitment and others can’t.

Luckily for you, we are listing below the Top 5 tips for selecting the perfect SEO Company such as Spider Seal to partner with in your quest to growing your business.

Tip 1: Be clear on what you need

SEO covers a wide range of services and you first need to decide what you need before approaching a firm for online marketing. What are you trying to achieve?

Would you like a site Audit? Reputation management? Pay per click (PPC) management, link building or any other ongoing type of typical SEO offering?

Maybe you want to increase sales or leads by 40% in the coming 9 months? No matter what your need is, you have to be crystal clear on your goal. This will steer your communication with the potential agency you are planning on hiring.

Tip 2: Get several consultations if possible

The next logical step after clarifying what you want is to sit down with an SEO agency that appears qualified and ask them to help you. This can be done over the phone, via email or face to face.

If a firm does not jump at the opportunity to offer you a free consultation, move on to the next one. Indeed, a no charge consultation is widely used by SEO companies as a chance to impress you and win your business.

It also helps you discover whether or not you like the people you will be working with.

The consultation process may take few days depending on your industry but at the end you should get a proposal with service offering and pricing.

A serious SEO Company like Spider Seal will adjust its price points to various sized businesses. Spider Seal Digital Agency gets it and value the fact that every business may reach to potential customers with different marketing techniques.

It is therefore very important that the SEO effort is tailored to a specific niche business otherwise your marketing initiatives may not deliver according to your expectations.

“How to hire an SEO“ as discussed by Google’s Search Representative Maile Ohye.

Tip 3: Get references or testimonials

At this stage, you know your needs and you have consulted with one or several SEO firms to see their offering.

Once crucial question you may want to answered by them is to know if they are going to get your job done or not?

Run away from a firm that guarantees you a #1 ranking on Google first page of search results. Indeed no one can make such a claim as search engine algorithms are constantly evolving and your rankings are bound to fluctuate over time.

What may do though is to get from the potential agency you are planning on hiring, a list of references or testimonials of past jobs. The theory is that if they have been successful at ranking previous clients, especially within your industry then chances are they may succeed at getting the job done for you as well.

Tip 4: The importance of Keyword Optimization

In reality a good SEO strategy does not focus on keywords but rather on visibility, authority and very good content writing.

The truth though is that search engines such as google rely on keywords to rank your page on the search results. You need to pick the right keywords and optimize them to bring traffic to your business website.

At Spider Seal Agency, we analyze your content and optimize the key phrases that potential consumers use during a search to find your online presence.

Tip 5: Customer Service Excellence and Quality of Service

If you care about your company’s growth then you may want to work with an SEO Company that puts its clients’ interest first and provides an excellent customer service experience.

At Spider Seal we are committed to exceed your expectations. In most cases we anticipate your concerns and provide authoritative advices.

A professional SEO agency will provide a high quality service and guarantee their work in one way or another.

Use these 5 Tips as a guideline when choosing the right search engine optimization company.

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